OUR Vision

At New Life Church you will Encounter God, Find Friends 
and Discover Purpose in a real, authentic way.

Our mission at New Life Church is to help you experience a true NEW LIFE in Jesus. We want you to have a real, genuine relationship with Jesus. We want you to grow in your faith, find friends in community life and discover God's purpose for your life. Our heart is that you won't just come to church, you'll BE the church.

Be The Church

Get to know more about what makes us different.

It's not enough to just "go to church." We believe that God has more, so much more for you! A relationship with Jesus more than just attending Sunday school, owning a Bible, posting a scripture on your social media, or even attending a worship service occasionally. We are called to BE the church! How we accomplish this mission is found in our 4 Core Values. This is our strategy to help us make disciples and reach people for Jesus.
We don't want you to simply know of God. We want you to know that you belong in His family. That Jesus loves you and salvation is more than just a prayer. It's a belonging in the family of God. We want you to embrace everything Jesus is and everything that He has for you and your life.

All healthy things grow. Our mission is to help you grow in your faith, to grow spiritually through God's Word, and to fully embrace freedom in Jesus. It's not enough to "feel" free, we want you living free! To grow also means to stay connected. Stay connected to each other by building healthy relationships through groups, classes and serving together. Life isn't meant to be lived alone, so we want you to embrace growing in our church family.

God didn't just save you FROM something, He saved you FOR something. You have a purpose! You have an assignment! Our mission is to help you fulfill God's purpose for your life and discover your gifts through gift assessment. Our goal isn't to simply serve IN the church. Our goal is for you to BE the church everywhere you go! We have many opportunities for you to serve, both during worship services, and through the week.

Jesus gave us an amazing mission... to GO into the world and make disciples! Our emphasis at New Life Church is to GO, and to start right where you live! You have friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, who need to experience the love of Jesus in their life. In Matthew 10 Jesus said "freely you have received, so freely give!" Get comfortable being uncomfortable and allow God to use you to bring New Life everywhere you GO.

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