God has an incredible purpose for your life, and the Growth Track is designed to help you fulfill that purpose! Through three easy steps, you’ll learn what it looks like to become a Covenant Member, live the abundant life in Jesus, discover your divine design and join the Dream Team. Whether you’re brand new to Growth Track or you just need to finish a step or two, sessions are offered every month at New Life!


Discover our history, our heart and our vision. In week one of Growth Track, you will learn more about our church history, our values and our mission. During this class, we will share about becoming a Covenant Member of New Life Church.


Learn what it means to be saved, baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and the essentials for a Christian life. In week two of Growth Track, you will learn more about our faith, what we believe and what it means to truly follow Jesus.


Discover your place in the church. In week three of Growth Track, you will take a spiritual gifts assessment, discover your specific gifts and be connected to a ministry champion to help you join the Dream Team. 

Common Questions

Who can attend?
Anyone ages 13 and up is welcome to attend.

Where do Growth Track classes meet?
Growth Track will take place in person during the 11am service on Sunday.  A host and one of our pastors will guide you through the class and answer any questions you have. Each class takes place on the correlating week. So class 101 takes place the first Sunday of the month and so on.

Do I need to register?
Yes, we ask that you register to help us track your progress.

What will I need to be ready for the class?
We will provide everything you need. You will receive a Growth Track Booklet with all the information for the class.

Do I need to take the classes in order?
No, you can take the classes in any order. Each class was designed with busy schedules in mind, so the important part is not when you jump in, just that you start the process!

Do I need to complete Growth Track in order to be baptized?
No, but we strongly encourage you to attend Class 201 which we cover the topics of salvation & baptism in God's Word.

Do I need to complete Growth Track to serve at your church?
Yes, you need to complete Growth Track before serving. We consider serving to be leading in our church. Because unity is a necessity among our leaders, we ask everyone to complete Growth Track before serving so we’re all on the same page as we serve God together.

Do you talk about Church Membership in Growth Track?
Yes, we talk about Church Membership in class 101, This includes what that looks like, the ins and outs, our vision, mission and how to become a New Life Church Member. Once you complete All 3 Classes, you are invited to join New Life Church as a Covenant Member of our family.