Vision Sunday 2024 Recap

What a tremendous vision Sunday at New Life Church! We are excited to REACH IN, REACH OUT and REACH UP in 2024! Below is a recap of the vision for New Life that Pastor Josh shared, which includes the contact information for you to connect.
REACH IN - Beginning in March we will launch Hot Topics Nights. Pastor Josh shared that these nights will cover social, theological and cultural issues and allow us to have open, honest conversations. This will be a registered event that will be announced soon.

We are also launching Family Nights. A family night is an opportunity for fellowship within the church community that will include picnics, game nights, gym nights and movie nights. We will be sharing more about this soon.

The Brotherhood Men's Ministry - is Relaunching in February! We are excited to BUILD, EQUIP and ENCOURAGE men to rise up in Christ! Our first event will be Thursday, February 22. Join The Brotherhood text group by texting keyword "brotherhood" to 833-304-2595.

Made for More Women's Ministry - It was announced that Jill Pate is stepping into the new Pastor of Women's Ministry and leading Made for More. The first Made for More event takes place February 2 and ladies can register here. Join the Made for More text group by texting keyword "MfM" to 833-304-2595.
REACH OUT - Evangelism. We have a renewed passion to witness! This year we will teach an entire series focused on teaching you how to be an effective witness. Community Outreach. We are partnering with local organizations, including the Huntington City Mission, to show the love of God to our local community in greater ways! We will share more details about this partnership soon. Missions. New Life is a strong supporter of missions around the world. We will continue to increase our missions support with a special focus this year on human trafficking.
REACH UP - Growth Track. Beginning in March, Growth Track will be offered both in-person on Sunday as well as online. Registration will open for online Growth Track in February.

Leadership Initiative. If you have completed Growth Track, you are qualified to join the new leaders initiative. The leaders initiative is a new program to help identify, equip, grow and build leadership at New Life Church. It will include a monthly communication that is either in-person or online. Pastor Josh will personally oversee this ministry. If you have completed Growth Track and you're a Covenant Member, and you would like to join this text group, please text keyword "Leader" to 833-304-2595.
In addition to what is shared above, Pastor Josh also introduced "Legacy Elders" which will honor elders who have previously served at New Life Church. A memorial plaque is being designed that will honor Elders who have passed away. We will honor and remember our past as we push forward to the future.

It's an exciting time to be a part of New Life Church! The vision is clear and God is moving!